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Rules of Student Conduct

Section I: Rules of Student Conduct

The following behaviour is prohibited. Students engaging, attempting to engage, or assisting in the following are subject to disciplinary sanctions:
  1. Violations of published University Attendance Policies and regulations.
  2. Theft of property or services; or knowingly possessing stolen property.
  3. Manufacture, sale, possession or use of altered or another person’s documents, including those used for identification.
  4. Intentionally or recklessly destroying or damaging property. 
  5. Endangering, threatening or causing physical harm to any person or causing reasonable apprehension of such harm. 
  6. Stalking or communicating in a manner likely to cause injury, distress, or emotional or physical discomfort and which serves no legitimate purpose. 
  7. All forms of harassment including sexual harassment, and any other form of sexual violence.
  8. Hazing.
  9. Possession of weapons, dangerous chemicals or explosives. 
  10. Unauthorised entry into or use of University premises; unauthorised possession, duplication or use of keys, keycards or access devices to any University premises; entering a residence hall without being an invited guest of or accompanied by a current resident of the building.
  11. Failing to comply with the directions of University officials acting in performance of their duties. 
  12. Failing to identify oneself to University officials when requested to do so.
  13. Disorderly or disruptive conduct that interferes with the normal operations of the University or infringes on the rights of others.
  14. Providing false or misleading information to the University or any University official.
  15. Intentionally initiating or causing to be initiated any false report, warning or threat of fire, explosion or other emergency.
  16. Tampering with fire safety equipment; intentionally, carelessly or recklessly causing a fire to be ignited; or intentionally interfering with or failing to follow emergency procedures.
  17. Making or distributing unauthorized video or photographic images of a person in a location in which that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  18. Violating any disciplinary sanction imposed in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct.
  19. Bringing an animal, pets into any University building with the following exception, small fish in residence hall (see University Housing License for further restrictions).
  20. Violations of published University regulations or policies.
  21. Violations of any KRG federal, or local law