Koya University Code of Student Conduct Preamble

Koya University is committed to fostering responsible community living and holds individuals accountable for action by which all students and student groups are expected to abide at all times.

In general, all members of our University community are expected to:
  • Conduct themselves lawfully, maturely and respectfully, while sharing the responsibility of maintaining behavioural standards essential to the institution’s success.

  • Feel secure in person and property, while protecting the rights of others. Conduct that interferes with or threatens the rights of others, either in or out of the classroom, or interferes with or prohibits the operation of the University, is not condoned.

  • Abide by the University’s rules, as well as state, local and federal laws; sanctuary cannot be granted by the University.
  • Continue the tradition of exercising the right to speak freely without fear, keeping in mind that while encouraged and protected, the expectation is that one’s rights are practised with respect and responsibility. Abusing the rights of any one person or group ultimately endangers the rights of all. Obscene speech or conduct — which appeals to prurient interests, is patently offensive and lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value — is not protected by the right to speak freely without fear.
As a student you are a valuable member of the Koya University community. Through your words and deeds you contribute to the building of an inclusive community in which all can live and learn in an environment of academic freedom and respect where all students have the opportunity to succeed.

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