The Koya University leadership extends you a warm welcome. Your time here should be one of tremendous growth, exploration, and learning, but within the boundaries of guidelines that protect your rights as well as those of your fellow community members.
This handbook describes the expectations for behaviour and conduct in the Koya University and outlines the procedures to be followed when these expectations are not met. It is your road map, containing the rules and procedures that will guide you as a student while you live and grow in this community of scholars at Koya University.

The first statements in this website were created by Koya University students, faculty, and staff working together to define community at Koya and to outline our shared principles and values. One aspect of the community is described this way:

"A university is a disciplined community a place where individuals accept their obligations to others and where well defined governance procedures guide behaviour for the common good."

• Freedom is balanced with duty.
• Integrity and honesty are expected.
• Consideration for the needs and rights of others is the norm.
• Disagreement and conflict are acknowledged in respectful discourse.

To paraphrase Italian philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–74), rules are an organised set of principles designed and written for the common good, put forth by those who care for the community.

While some will think of this website as a collection of rules, those rules are really the expectations for behaviour that we have agreed upon as a community. 

So once again, welcome to the Koya University community. And welcome to our community of shared principles and values.